Youth First Base Glove Comparisons 2016

Below are our youth first base glove comparisons for 2016. Have a look and find the glove that’ll turn you into a human vacuum. Your fellow infielders will really appreciate it. If you want to skip the table and head straight to our “Best of” list, just click the link above the table to get our in-depth reviews. As always, price and availability may have changed since the last update. Happy hunting!

Best Youth First Base Glove Reviews 2016

GloveSizeWebHand (Throw)Customer ReviewsPrice
12"Double XR4.7/5$40
11.5"Double XL/R3.8/5$50
11.5"Single Post/Double TL4.8/5$67
12"Single PostL/R4.8/5$75-$110
11.5"Single Post/Double BarR4.6/5$50
11.5-12"Single PostL/R4.3$54-$138
11.5"Single Post/Double TR4.7/5$67
12"Double XL/R3.8/5$48/$50

Best Youth First Base Glove Reviews 2016

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