Best Youth Infield/Pitcher Glove Reviews 2016

Below are the best youth infield/pitcher glove reviews for 2016. If you want to see a broader selection, head on over to our youth infield and pitcher’s glove comparison page.


Rawlings REVO 350 Series: 3SC1120S – ($50) – 11.25”

rawlings revo glove

The Rawlings Revo Series is an excellent choice for young players, as you’ll be hard-pressed to find a higher quality glove at this price point.

The Revo is a 11.25” glove that’s perfect for shortstop and second, but can be used at pitcher and third base, too. It has a full-grained leather shell and laces and a standard Revo pocket pattern. The PRO I-Web pattern is a popular style among college and professional infielders. The Revo Solid Core Technology design improves the glove’s fit by augmenting your grip and gives you better control of your mitt. The laceless heel and pocket compliment the Easy Break construction, which allows for quicker break in times, while still maintaining a 30% player break in rating, so you’ll still be able to shape the glove to your liking.

It currently holds a terrific rating of 4.9/5 stars on Amazon and garners similar praise throughout the web. As always, the primary complaint is break in time, which will vary for everybody depending on the time spent shaping your glove. However, most praise the break in time and the fact that unlike some youth models that come pre-broke in and feel cheap, the Revo features a full break in period (although not a long one). Also, the leather is particularly high quality for the price ($50).

While the Rawlings Revo 350 is not explicitly a youth targeted glove, kids as young as 7 years old may use the glove, as well as adults. This glove is a quality option for players of all ages and levels of seriousness at an affordable price point.



Rawlings GG Gamer Series 12-inch Glove with Basket Web – ($80) – 12”

rawlings gg gamer pro 12 inch glove

The Rawlings GG Gamer series is a great line gloves that caters to those who want all the perks Rawlings has to offer at an affordable price.

The glove features a basket web and is 12,” making it a perfect option on mound while still being usable at the other infield positions (except first). It has a deep pocket and closed web, ensuring ball security and an excellent place to plot your next pitch without being seen by the opponents. It’s been designed using Rawlings Pro Patterns and high-grade, US made pro grade leather laces, guaranteeing a sturdy and long lifespan. The pro soft leather and full grain finger lining means unmatched comfort and durability, while allowing for easy break in (10% player) and preferential shape retention.

The glove currently has a 4.5 rating on Amazon out of 13 reviews, with the primary complaint being break in. Per usual, most have no problems with the break in process. Most laud the glove for its affordability ($90), durability, and high quality feel. The basket web also is a standout as it makes catching and retaining the ball a cinch for those who might otherwise struggle. Again, while this isn’t a youth build it’s a glove that can be used by young players and adults alike.

What else is there to say? At this price point, you won’t find a better glove.


Akadema ATM-92 Prodigy Series 11.5″ Youth Baseball Glove – ($85)

akadema atm 92 glove

Akadema has become a force in the glove world in recent years, as they’ve stepped up their game to compete with the big boys like Rawlings and Wilson. With the Prodigy Series, they’re giving the competition a run for their money.

The ATM-92 is specifically a youth glove. It’s designed to fit the hands of younger players, featuring narrow finger stalls and wrist opening, which has an adjustable Velcro strap on the to help you find the most comfortable fit. The B-Hive basket web makes it a great option for every spot on he infield (except first) and the steer hide pocket and webbing provides the durability and padding that youth player’s need. The AkademaLyte leather that makes up the outer shell decreases the weight, allowing you to spear the sharpest hit balls. The break in time is also nearly non-existent, with the glove being virtually game ready off the shelf.

The primary criticism, which was hard to find, was the Velcro strap and break in time. I could only find a single complaint, but it appears the Velcro strap could be to short to properly secure a proper fit for those with small hands. Further, it potentially could wear out and need replacing sooner rather than later. Other than that, most customers are very satisfied with the glove. Akadema’s focus on designing youth gloves that are more than just kid’s versions of their adult models has been noticed by players and parents. The quality leather and comfortable fit makes it easy for players to focus on making plays rather than on their equipment.

At $85 the Akadema ATM-92 is a viable option for youth players who want a glove they can use at multiple positions without sacrificing quality or comfort.

If you think your ready for an adult glove, check out our adult infield and pitcher’s glove comparisons or skip straight to our best adult infield and pitcher’s glove reviews.

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