Best Youth First Base Glove Reviews 2016

Below are our best youth first baseball glove reviews for 2016. If you want to take a look a a broader selection, head on over to our youth first base glove comparison page. Happy hunting!

Rawlings GG Gamer Pro Taper First Baseman’s Mitt – ($80) – 12”

rawlings GG gamerpr taper first base glove

First basemen. Often one of the more under-appreciated positions despite the how important the role is. A good player at first can boost the confidence of everyone on the field knowing that they have a black hole over there that can turn would-be errors into good plays.

The 12” Rawlings GG Gamer series has found its way onto many of our lists for their combination of affordability and high quality, and the first base version is no different. Rawlings says that this glove was created for elite youth players in mind, and the construction reflects that. This model has a single post double bar web, which stretches to provide a tight and secure pocket that well keep the ball from popping out unexpectedly. The patterns are modeled after what the pros use and the pro soft leather shell allows you to shape the glove and form the pocket (20% player break in) to fit your style of play. The deer-tanned cowhide interior lining and Poron XRD palm pads provide comfort and will reduce the pain of impact.

The only complaint is that for some younger players the pocket may actually be to big, resulting in the ball popping out due to the inability to tightly control the glove. However, for most this is a big plus. The glove has a 4.8/5 rating from 4 reviews and receives similar plaudits elsewhere. The high-grade materials, great price ($80), and easiness of closing the glove are some of the best features of the glove.

Rawlings has done it again with the GG Gamer Pro Taper. Young players looking to become human vacuums at first base should definitely give this glove a look.


Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit First Base Baseball Glove – ($63-$70) – 11.5″ & 12″

wilson game ready soft fit first base glove

While Wilson excels at making catcher’s gloves, their first base gloves are some of the best as well.

The Wilson Game Ready A800 is a soft fit glove that is practically game ready straight off the shelf. It comes in two sizes, 11.5″ and 12.” It features Wilson’s special Ecco leather, which is incredibly soft and is what allows the glove to ready to use on day one without sacrificing durability. The 2x Palm Construction means there will be a thin piece of leather between the outer shell and the internal lining of the glove, protecting your hand from any abuse your fellow infielders throw your way

If you enjoy the experience of breaking in your gloves to the perfect shape and feel, then this glove is probably not for you. Also, some people have pointed out that the glove may be a bit to big for 7-8 year olds, as the hand compartment is of decent size. Other than that, the glove has a great price ($63), comes in both left and right versions, and will instantly replace your old glove.

The Wilson Game Ready A800 is a great introductory glove for players who want to avoid the hassle of breaking in their glove, but still want a quality mitt of sound design and construction.


Akadema Prodigy Series: AHC94-12 Youth First Base Mitt – ($65) – 11.5″

akadema prodigy series first base glove

Several years ago, Akadema wasn’t even on our radar, but thanks to the company stepping up their game, they are finding themselves on the hands of many youth and adult players.

The Akadema Prodigy Series is an affordable, high quality series of gloves and their first base mitt might just be the best of the line. Akadema’s focus on creating unique youth gloves instead of miniature versions of their adult ones has been a winning strategy. This model is 11.5” and has a single post web, which is a very popular style for college and pro players. The pocket and webbing is crafted from US steer hide, providing comfort and durability. The AkademLyte outer shell reduces weight and helps make you lightning quick in your glove movement. This also decreases break in time, making them practically game ready off the shelf. The narrowed finger stalls means that youth players will have no problem getting the perfect fit.

The primary criticism is that the inside of the glove is lined with leather, but the backside of the finger stalls is lined with nylon, which can be hot and allow particles to get lodged inside. Other than that, the glove has received a lot of praise, especially for the value it provides for $65.

The Akadema AHC94 is a great option for players who want a glove that does everything well. Lightweight, great pocket, and designed to fit young players hands, this glove deserves every young first basemen’s attention.


If you think you might be ready for an adult glove, head on over to our adult first base glove comparison page or straight to our picks for the best adult first base gloves.


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