Best Rawlings Gloves Under $150 for 2017

The new year is upon us and that means glove manufacturers are revamping old lines and rolling out new one’s as well. Rawlings is the most famous of all the glove makers, so it seems appropriate to provide a rundown of the best Rawlings gloves under $150 for 2017. This compilation includes a variety of gloves of different sizes and webbings, so you can be sure to find what’s right for your budget and level of play. We will also be putting together lists of both higher end models from Rawlings and other popular manufacturers. If you are in the market for a new glove, we hope the information below will be an informative starting point in your glove search.


Sandlot Series 12.5” H-Web – $50
sandlot series rawlings

The Sandlot Series is a refreshed line of gloves that are both affordable and high quality. The glove requires only 10% player break in and is made from full-grain leather that gives it a similar look to Rawlings’ more expensive gloves. If price is right for you, but you’d prefer a slightly different style, there are also several other styles available in the Sandlot Series. There’s an 11.25″ I-Web infielder’s mitt, an 11.5″ infielder’s mitt with a modified trapeze web, a 12″ basket web version, and more.


Rawlings Renegade Series Pro Mesh Back Glove 12-15″ Basket or H-Web – $44-$55

rawlings renegade series

The Renegade Series is another affordable line of gloves from Rawlings. There is a wide variety of sizes and webbings to choose from, whether you are looking for a capable softball mitt for weekends with the guys or a legitimate option for serious league play, the can do it all. The glove has mesh shell to increase the durability, a strap to ensure a snug fit, and it’s deep pocket means you’ll have to try pretty hard to drop a fly ball. There are several different sizes and webbings available so you kind find the glove that’s right for you.


Rawlings Premium Pro Series Catcher’s Mitt 33″ – $60

premium pro series catcher

The Premium Pro Series is a great line of gloves for the those who are looking to get a serious mitt, but still don’t want to break the bank to do so. This catcher’s mitt requires a 25% player break in, which is normal for catcher’s mitts, and boasts a deep pocket and laceless heel that will make scooping up bad pitches and squeezing 3rd strikes a breeze. The thick and durable palm padding will minimize the beating your hand takes behind the plate and will ensure your glove will enjoy a long life.


Rawlings Gamer Digi-Camo 11.75″ Modified Trapeze – $100

Rawlings Gamer Digi-CamoRawlings Gamer Digi-Camo2

The Gamer Series is a perfect line for those who have decided they are serious about the game and want to get an affordable intermediate level mitt. The Digi-Camo is a refresh of the popular line and is sure to turn heads. The digital camo design on the mesh shell provides increased durability and a distinctive look. With only a 10% player break in time, the glove is game ready off the shelf. It is made with full grained leather and is held together by US-made leather laces. If this particular size/web is not what you’re looking for, there are other versions that might fight your needs. There’s an 11″ youth model with a V-web, a 33″ catcher’s mitt, a 12.75″ Pro-H outfield glove, a 13.5″ trapeze softball mitt, and more.


Rawlings Gamer XLE 2016 Limited Edition Glove 11.5″ I-Web – $105

rawlings gamer xle2 rawlings gamer xle

The Gamer XLE series is another intermediate line that that no has some limited edition models that may not be around for long. With “Limited Edition” stamped right on the side of the glove, you know you are getting a unique and high quality glove. The 11.5″ model has the very popular I-web, which is perfect for middle-infield positions. It requires 20% player break in, which will allow for a more customizable shape, and the PORON palm pad will have your hands thanking you for the impact relief. It is held together with pro grade leather lace and has an outer shell made from pro soft leather. These limited editions come on a variety of sizes, webs, and colors, so if you’re looking for a distinctive look, you better act fast.


Rawlings Gamer XLE 2016 Limited Edition Glove 12″ Trapeze – $110

Rawlings Gamer XLE 2016 Limited Edition Glove2 Rawlings Gamer XLE 2016 Limited Edition Glove

We already have an XLE series on the list, but it’s just too good of a line to not have another representative. The 12″ model is a perfect go-between for someone who plays both infield and outfield. It also has a 20% player break in rating, allowing for custom shaping, and is made from the same high quality materials as the aforementioned model. Again, there are still other sizes, webbings, and colors to choose from, but act quickly, with baseball season getting underway, these limited edition models will not be around for long.

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