Best Adult Outfield Gloves For 2016

Below you’ll find our best adult outfield gloves for 2016. If you want to look at a broader selection of gloves, head on over to our adult outfield glove comparison for 2016 page. Happy hunting!

Wilson A2000 Yasiel Puig Game Model Outfield Baseball Glove – ($240) – 12.75″

wilson a200 puig glove

Wilson has teamed up with phenomenon Yasiel Puig to create a unique glove that will have you making plays like the All-Star outfielder in no time.

The Wilson A2000 is made from pro stock American leather that is moldable, easy to break in, and exceptionally durable. The DriLex wrist lining will keep your hand cool and dry and help maintain the internal integrity of your glove. The extra long finger slots will improve your reach and the Y-web pattern will have you making highlight reel catches like never before. Dual welting in the pocket provides maximum ball security and ensures the glove will last a long time.

We’ve scoured the web and have yet to find any consistent criticism of this glove other than the usual break in time complaints or rare defects. Most agree that this glove looks and feels incredible and has lived up to expectations. The break in will take a little time, but soft leather will make it easy to customize your glove’s shape and feel. While it’s not cheap ($240), this mid to upper level model will be paying back dividends in no time. Why else would one of the games brightest stars wear it? Don’t take my word for it, just check out Puig’s performance on the field.

Like Wilson says, Yasiel Puig choses this glove because he just wants to play baseball. Anyone who shares this sentiment would be remised even they didn’t give the A2000 a look.


Rawlings Pro Preferred Outfield Baseball Glove – ($289-$350) – 12.75”

rawlings pro preferred outfield glove

Rawlings Pro Preferred line is the most prestigious line of gloves in the country. They boast unmatched craftsmanship and value, despite carrying a hefty price tag. It’s the players choice in the MLB and deserves every ball player’s attention.

Rawlings Pro Preferred outfield model can be found in multiple webbings, including the most popular trapeze, and the classic H-web. It has a deep pocket and is lined with silky soft Kip leather, which feels and looks incredible. Pittards performance sheepskin graces the interior lining and will suck away moisture, keeping your hand dry and cool. The top of the line leather provides unrivaled customization during the break in process, allowing you to mold the glove to your exact specifications.

Few people are ever disappointed with the purchase of this glove. However, there are some potential problems to be aware of. One is the time it takes to break it in. When you buy a glove of this quality, it’s going to take a little while to get it game ready. The other is that if you’re not careful, the glove might break in between the heel pad and the hinge, not most ideal spot. This should be avoidable if you’re paying attention though. Besides that, there really isn’t anything to complain about. Rawlings just doesn’t settle for anything but the best, and with this model and line, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. It may cost a pretty penny ($289-$350), but you won’t be missing that money once you cross the white line wearing it.

There’s a reason why it’s called “Pro Preferred.” If your looking for the same gear the guys you see on television use, look no further. It doesn’t get any better than this.


Rawlings Heart of the Hide Pro Mesh Outfield Glove – ($250) – 12.75”

rawlings heart of the hide pro mesh outfield glove

Another “best of” list, another Heart of the Hide glove. Rawlings’ mainstay series should always be taken into consideration when searching for a new mitt. It offers all the Rawlings quality you could possible want, at a lower price point compared to renowned Pro Preferred line.

This model has the classic H-web pattern that helps outfielders see through their glove while making catches and aids in shielding your eyes when tracking the ball in the sun. The “mesh” part of this model is a design choice that combines Rawlings’ heart of the hide leather and pro mesh in order to reduce weight, while still providing a sturdy, pro feeling glove. The 15% reduction in weight will allow you to move and react quicker to line drives, without losing durability. It’s wool padding provides a snug fit and extra cushion, and the cowhide lining will keep the glove’s internal integrity intact. Despite the mesh combo, the thick leather will allow you to shape the glove however you want, as it has a 40% player break in rating, leaving just the right amount of work up to you.

No complaints except for those looking for a “meatier” glove. The mesh series is not 100% leather like the Dual Core or Pro Preferred, but that does not detract from the glove’s overall quality. However, if you want that 100% leather glove you may need to look elsewhere. The mesh may be a negative for some, but for those looking for a lighter glove, this is an excellent option. And coming for Rawlings, you can be sure that they’ll get the mesh/leather combo right and not sacrifice any of the glove’s performance.

If you’re looking for a slightly less expensive glove and want to ensure the maximum speed and control of your glove, then the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Pro Mesh is the glove for you.

While these are our choices for the best adult outfield gloves for 2015, check out our adult outfield glove comparisons page to ensure you make the most informed choice possible.

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