Best Adult Infield/Pitcher Glove Reviews 2016

Here you’ll find our best adult infield/pitcher glove reviews for 2016. If you want to take a look at a broader selection, head on over to our adult infield/pitcher glove comparisons page. Happy Hunting!


Rawlings Pro Preferred Infield/Pitcher Glove – ($350) – 12″

PROS12MTKBPRO rawlings pro preferred 12 inch

Rawlings finds its way onto yet another list, and this time it’s probably my favorite of all their products.

The Rawlings Pro Preferred line is simply the best there is and this particular glove can do it all. At 12 inches, it’s the perfect size for a pitcher, and while most are going to use a smaller one when playing infield, it will definitely get the job done, especially at third base. The modified trapeze webbing is a very popular style these days as it will prevent anyone from spying your pitch grips and still provide the snagging ability that basket webbings often lack.

The glove is lined with Pittard’s performance sheepskin that helps soak up any sweat and moisture, which will keep your hand cool, dry, and maintain your glove’s internal integrity. Super soft kip leather graces the outside of the glove, providing a sleek look and while maximizing comfort. This leather is extremely durable, and will also break in quickly so you’ll be using it in games in no time. The pocket is second to none, as the high quality leather and construction allows you to form it however you want.

Other than the steep price, at $350, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone with bad things to say this Rawlings Pro Preferred glove, as it’s about as close to perfect as it gets. With superb craftsmanship and A-grade materials, all backed by the most trusted name in the glove world, what are you waiting for?


Wilson A2000 1786 Glove – ($240) – 11.5″

wilson superskin a2000 1786

The Wilson A2000 is the most venerated line of Wilson’s gloves. They offer affordability and durability that’s hard to beat at its price range. That’s why they’ve made their way onto another one of our lists.

The Wilson A2000 1786 SuperSkin is a slightly different take on the popular line. Wilson’s patented Super Skin is 2x more durable than cowhide leather, while only half the weight. And no, you won’t be sacrificing any durability or performance. The SuperSkin is not only lightweight, but will also help repel sweat and moisture, keeping your hand cool and dry while protecting the inside of your glove. The glove cleverly combines American Pro Stock leather with the SuperSkin to create the most durable and comfortable glove possible.

The glove’s design also compliments the player’s preferred pocket shape. Dual welting and a pre-curved finger construction means that once you craft the perfect pocket, the glove will retain its shape. At 11.5” it’s the perfect size for middle infield, and can be used at third and pitcher as well. The H-web is a popular infield pattern that allows players to get the ball out quicker and snag those hard to reach balls.

The Wilson A2000 1786 is a glove that’s been met with nothing but praise. It boasts a reasonable break in time, is comfortable and extremely durable, and comes at a pretty good price, $240. It also helps to know that players like Starlin Castro and Elvis Andrus wear this glove out in the field every night. Wilson has simply knocked it out of the park with this glove.


Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Dual Core Pitcher/Infielder Glove – ($255) – 11.5″

rawlings heart of the hide dual core

Rawlings Heart of the Hide is the pinnacle of quality and affordability. Unparalleled craftsmanship and pro style design make it a very popular glove fore amateur and professional players alike.

This Heart of the Hide Dual Core 11.5” model has super soft, malleable leather, making break in incredibly easy. The leather is tanned longer, so it comes out of the box close to game ready, but doesn’t sacrifice durability or performance in the process. The Dual Core means that there are specific break points in the glove so you’re able to conform the glove to your specifications to get the job done. The modified trapeze webbing is great for snagging hard to reach balls and compliments the deep pocket.

While there’s mostly praise for the glove, some contend that its weight detracts from the overall quality. And it’s true, as it isn’t as light as some other models, but this can still be labeled a preference rather than a negative quality. Another concern raised by some is that the leather may get a little floppy after a few seasons. This depends on use, but is going to be more of a problem for gloves that are cheaper/constructed with slightly lower quality materials. The leather in gloves like the Primo or Pro Preferred will last longer, assuming they’re taken care of, simply because they are thicker and made from more premium leather.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core is an outstanding glove for those who don’t want to spend a small fortune on one. At $255, it’s still pretty expensive, but is par for the course for gloves in this range of quality. If your looking for a dependable, highly rated glove that doesn’t break the bank, look no further.

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