Baseball Statistics From 1871 to 2016

Welcome to the database I’ve been working on. By selecting a category from the dropdown, you can view statistics from over a 100 seasons of Major League Baseball. While the dataset is not 100 percent complete, as there are some holes in many of the century old player’s data, there is still an impressive number of statistics about each player/team from each individual season since 1871. You can click on the columns to sort them by ascending or descending, and you can also search the tables as well.

Click Here to View the Statistic Tables!

Originally, the tables were supposed to appear right in this webpage, but due to the fickleness of WordPress, I’ve had to redirect to another page devoid of WordPress’ default template. WordPress has all sorts of plugins that function like DataTables, where you can use them like they’re Excel, but when it comes to injecting your own into the WordPress framework, it’s a little tricky to get it working.

Please enjoy!

Click Here to View the Statistic Tables!

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